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Upon delivery of your vehicle, be sure to inspect your vehicle SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY and compare the condition and mileage against the bill of lading that you received at the originating location from the auto transporter.

Before transporting your automobile, do be sure that you carry out some basic preparations for your auto for transport by a contractor in car transport across the nation. Ensure you disable your alarm, cover any protruding accessories and/or low ground clearance aerofoils for example. If theres any malfunction in engine pack, gearbox, electrical systems, window motors, safety bag, brake systems, power steering or clutch wire, the transporter operator is not liable. The transport company will notify the client by phone prior to delivery. At the time the purchaser comes to understand about the end schedule he or she is required to keep the full payment in readiness awaiting it being requested.

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Make sure you have refilled all car fluids and let the car shipping company know of any leaks. Car leaking fluids such as oil, break or transmission fluid should be fixed. A leaking car can cause damages to the car carrier and the other cars being transported.

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We do not take any money upon placement of the order. We will keep a credit card on file and only run the deposit amount when the vehicle is dispatched and the truck is on its way to pick up your vehicle. The balance is paid upon delivery of the vehicle either by cash, money order, certified check, or also on the credit card. If the balance is paid with a credit card, we will need to know in advance, and there will be a small surcharge added to your total.

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Choosing for the best service provider amidst a sea of options is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Most especially if the service you require can mean so much to your investment - your car. If you love your car, then you must be on top of your form in selecting for the right company that will be your auto transporter. It is for this matter that choosing for a top auto transporter is one concern you need to prioritize. But how are you going to identify which of the many auto transporters out there is indeed the top auto transporter you should hire?

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